A Shade of Grey in a Black and White World

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As a new blogger, I’m well aware I have lots to learn and improve. As part of the process, I’ve decided to dedicate the beginning of each post to building on previous posts and comments. Hopefully it will help me improve and gain insight from fellow bloggers and readers.

A comment from my first post made me feel like I may not have communicated exactly what this blog is trying to accomplish. I hope to try to clear that up, and explain exactly what it is I’m going for.

I am not analyzing political events, governments, leaders, or anything of that sort. I have very little knowledge on the subject and wouldn’t pretend anything else as it’s easy to expose someone who does. I’m also new the following politics, so combining the 2 is a very new world to me. While I won’t be analyzing any of these things, I will most certainly be giving my opinion. But by no means do I consider myself an expert, and don’t think I know more about any of these subjects than anyone else.

But that’s not the focus here. My first post talks a lot about the “Left and the Right”; and while I use the terms a lot, I’m not trying to analyze the history or workings of these groups, or how the party system works. I use them because each political party generally had a stance on every issue, and if you agree with their stance you become party of their group(sometimes willingly, sometimes you’re told by strangers on the internet). These are terms I use to describe the people who follow each party. Maybe in order to avoid confusion, I’ll try to find different terms to use, feel free to leave some suggestions.

The focus of this blog is mostly about the average person, and how they react to politics. What I do have experience in, is watching and interacting with people who discuss politics on social media. I will discuss how people seem to always pick sides, and how those sides react to current events and social issues.

Hopefully that clarifies what I’m doing here, if not leave a comment telling me what you think I could do to better explain my message.

I don’t have a planned order of topics to discuss, so feel free to comment with anything you’d like to see me talk about, if there’s requests for something I know a little enough about to make a post, I definitely will!

Black and White World

There are many complicated issues in the world. Abortion, immigration, taxation, gun control… the list goes on. I think most people would agree they’re complicated issues, yet if you ask their opinion on it you’d think it was simple. You’re on one side of the other. Pro-life or pro-choice! Pro-gun or anti-gun. There is always a side, and if you aren’t on mine then you’re my enemy. I use that term loosely, but you would think there was a real war going on with some of the hateful things that get said to or abouts the other side.

With issues so complicated, people break them into a black and white issue very quickly. I can understand why, some issues are sensitive and maybe you’ve had life experiences that could have pushed you to one side. But I think it’s just easier; the more complicated the issue, the more a person wants a simple answer.

And it’s easy to find that simple answer in groups, as confirmation bias takes over. If you join a Facebook group or subreddit or follow like-minded people on Twitter, you’re going to constantly be hearing things that reaffirm what you want to be true, making it easy to think you found the simple solution to a complicated issue.

But this isn’t a black and white world, there’s more shades of grey than a middle aged woman’s bookshelf. People need to realize that, because in the grey hides the truth. Join me as I journey through the Grey.


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