Abortions: Can’t Live With ‘Em, Can’t Live Without’Em

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Abortions: Can’t Live With ‘Em, Can’t Live Without ‘Em


What used to be a taboo, secretive topic of discussion, is now a daily subject of debate. When I was a kid, you never heard people talk about it; and if you did it was in the same hushed tones as a modern day Nickelback fan. But in 2017 you can’t be on social media without seeing something out it. And as with most debates, it’s very heated. In this battle, you have pro-life vs pro-choice.


Unfortunately these labels are misleading, and don’t actually describe the groups. Pro-choice says they are about the right to choose if you keep your baby, and what to do with your life/body. This is very flawed, if not completely false. For the most part, being pro-choice is about not facing the consequences of your actions. Now there are many exceptions; anyone in a forced pregnancy (such as rape or an abusive relationship), or whenever there are medical issues involved. Also, the choice is only the women’s, when the action of creating the situation was caused by 2 people. Pro-choice is, at best, women’s-choice. And while I strongly believe a woman should never be forced to have a baby; I also believe a man shouldn’t be forced to lose one they want. Women didn’t make it by themselves, you can’t decide what to do with it by yourself. Having a child that came from consensual sex isn’t being forced.


On the other side is pro-life, which given the usual political beliefs of people often in this group, is highly hypocritical. Pro-life people tend to be Conservatives, and claim that nobody has the right to decide when to end another person’s life. The problem is they have no problem deciding when to end a person’s life if that life is a criminal on death row or breaking into their home, or if you aren’t of the same religious beliefs (especially Muslims these days). I’m not saying that criminals or terrorists are the same as an unborn child, or that they don’t deserve to die. I’m just saying you can’t say “nobody can decide when to end a life…. Unless that life is bad”. It’s either ok to end life or it’s not; if you think it’s ok to end life that doesn’t mean all life is ok to end, so we can discuss where that line is. But don’t say you’re​ “pro-life” and try to gain some moral superiority.

Like with most issues, the truth lies in the middle, and both sides are wrong. The truth is we need abortions; it is a medical procedure required when there are health issues with the mother or child, and also when a woman is forced into pregnancy with rape or an abusive relationship. The option needs to be there for these people. But that is about the line for “needing” an abortion. According to a Canadian website dedicated to helping women’s reproductive health, these are a few reasons a woman would decide to have an abortion


Let’s break this down. First off, #6-8 are things I’ve already mentioned, and I fully support abortion in these cases. But #1 is complete bullshit, as a parent myself I can tell you that you’re never “ready” to be a parent; and if you think you are then you’re wrong. It may not be an ideal time, but not being “ready” isn’t a valid reason. I wasn’t ready at all, and I figured it out like every other parent. The last part of #2 I’ve already agreed is valid, but the first part is a stretch. Now I don’t want any parent to have to raise a kid alone, and don’t want to a kid to grow up with only one parent, but that is hardly a reason to end a life. It will be hard, but being a parent is hard, and sometimes you have to do it alone. #3-5 can be combined together as they mostly has to do with finances. Unless you are at the homeless level, money is not a reason to end a life. I have worked part time for most of my son’s life with his mom on social assistance, while I hate not being able to buy a nice house he’ll spend his life in with a big backyard for him to play in, it’s no reason to have gotten an abortion. It may have required sacrifice, but my son has had a great life with everything he needs, including extra things toys and trips to fun places. Money is a temporary problem, death isn’t.


I’m sure many Liberals have been getting upset with me referring to abortion as killing life, since many believe a fetus is not a life, it’s just a bunch of cells. This is complete bullshit as well, and shows complete ignorance on the part of anyone who says it. Simply by looking at a development chart you can see that by week 7 it is clearly a forming child and not an unrecognizable cluster of cells. The fucked up part is, you can legally have an abortion up to 24 weeks, by which point it is just a really small but mostly normal looking baby that is capable of recognizing it’s mother’s voice and having dreams. This is not a random glob of tissue you’re vacuuming out, it’s the beginning stages of a person.

The biggest problem is that abortions are treated like birth control, people don’t worry about safe sex because they know if they get pregnant they can just get one. It doesn’t matter how “unwanted” your  pregnancy is (different than forced pregnancy), getting pregnant is a consequence of having sex and you can’t choose to not face consequences no matter how unwanted they are. If you really, really don’t want a child or know you can’t support one, then don’t have sex. Birth control is great, but not 100% effective, so there is always the chance. You’re all about choice, well you had the choice not to be pregnant and that was when you chose to have sex, not when you got pregnant. It is a childish mindset, trying to get out of the consequences for your actions.

I’m not looking down on people who have that mindset; when I found out my then girlfriend was pregnant, I strongly considered it, if not flat out wanted to do it. But she wouldn’t, so I accepted the fact and manned up. Now that I’m a father and a man, I know how wrong I was. Not just because it would mean not having my son, but because of the lessons I’ve learned about life. Real men (and women) face the consequences of their actions, regardless of how hard and the effects on their life.

The only way to make sure you don’t run the risk of the consequences is to not have sex. I’m not advocating abstinence, I certainly don’t abstain; but it’s the only way to ensure you don’t get pregnant. It’s not that hard, nerdy guys sometimes go 40 years.

But this whole argument could be irrelevant soon anyway, considering they’ve created an artificial womb.



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