Trump vs Colbert: Egomania is Running Wild


In a true Super heavyweight battle of inflated  egos, Trump vs Colbert has entered Round 2. What started as an innocent comment about Trump’s mouth being a Russian cock sock, has grown into a back and forth so heated it could roast a marshmallow. Get your tanning oil, it’s about to get hot up in her! Uh oh, that’s not politically correct is it? It’s about to get hot up in zhe… Hot up in thon? There’s too many options now. I don’t know, moving on.


In a recent interview with Time Magazine, Trump said Colbert has no talent, is not funny and is filthy. He also says that the outburst helps him; and that Colbert’s show is dying but got it’s highest ratings because of him. Just like most things he says, some of it is true and some of it isn’t. He is right about the high ratings, as I mentioned in my first post about this situation, that the rant garnered Colbert his highest rating in quite some time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t because of Trump. Colbert, and countless others, have been ripping on him for around a year now. If Trump equalled ratings, every comedian with a Liberal bias would have record ratings. What got Colbert that rating was the shock language he used; which for good or bad, got people to watch.


In response, on the May 11th edition of his show, Colbert said that since Trump finally acknowledged him after all this time, that he had won. It’s hard to argue with Colbert here, as Colbert achieved his trolling goal, and got Trump’s attention. It is definitely a victory, and could serve as motivation to continue using a similar tactic since it clearly works. The only issue is what Colbert thinks he won; he certainly won the battle, but has not won the war. Not by a long shot.


But this was an important battle, as I believe it was the one that put them on a more level playing field. Up until now, Trump had been winning, bigly. He got elected when nobody thought it was even possible; and despite tiny speed bumps like multiple executive orders being blocked and a continually dropping approval rate, he has been doing a pretty good job as President. But winners never acknowledge the competition, and Trump broke that rule. By responding to Colbert, he has brought him up to his level and made it a fair fight.


He is the President of the god damn United States of America, generally considered one of the most powerful people in the world. Why would he even waste his time on something so irrelevant to the incredibly important things he does on a daily basis? It should really worry every American citizen that their President has to worry about running an entire country, and he allots a fair bit of his time and energy to being angry at a late night TV host’s comments. How long until he starts getting into internet fights with a 17 year old on Twitter? Actually, I don’t use Twitter, but that’s probably happened already.


But Colbert needs to make sure he doesn’t get too full of himself, if it’s not too late for that. He may have “won”, but Donald Trump actually won. And will likely keep winning at least for another three and a half years, possibly seven and a half. Colbert won here, but that doesn’t change the fact that Trump is the President, or that his show exposed that Liberals don’t even know what to think about the Comey firing. You had a sweet burn Stephen, but let’s slow your roll a little. He’s even gone as far to suggest that Trump resign in order to stop Colbert. That is downright laughable, as not even someone as narcissistic as The Donald would be so bothered by a few lewd comments.


But what do the people think? That is the all important question. Unsurprisingly, not much as changed. Everyone is still on the same side, just more entrenched on that side. Liberals think Colbert is the funniest man on the planet, and Republicans find Colbert to be ridiculous and lacking credibility. At least they made some funny memes. I imagine a lot of people have lost interest, as there hasn’t been much vulgarity lately, and that’s what we came to see. So you boys need to step it up, call someone a cunt. Maybe Trump can pass a law just to fuck with Colbert. Do something, people might start realizing they shouldn’t care.