Murder She Vote: The Seth Rich Conspiracy


Hillary Clinton on a shady street corner with a gun. No, I’m not describing how she’ll be earning a living in 5 years. I’m talking about the real life game of Clue happening, known as the Seth Rich murder scandal.

On July 10th 2016, a young DNC staffer named Seth Rich was shot twice in the back while walking home at night on Flagler Pl NW in Washington DC, and soon after died in a hospital. It was a truly tragic event, as is any untimely death of a good person. A young man had his life taken from him far too soon, and that is something nobody should forget. Regardless of politics and conspiracies, that is the most important thing to remember.

At the time of his death, police ruled it as a robbery gone wrong. The police said the area of the Bloomingdale neighbourhood was known for being a risky spot, and that there had been other robberies in the same area. It seemed to be a clear case of a terrible situation that nobody saw coming. Or did they…


It didn’t take long for conspiracies to start, at first taking on a Russian persuasion. Liberals thought this was a hit by the Russians, who were suspected of meddling in the US election. It would make sense; as around this time it was believed the Russians leaked over 40,000 DNC emails to WikiLeaks, and they could be just tying up loose ends. Maybe Seth had found something out that he shouldn’t have, and had to go. It was an interesting theory, but one Republicans weren’t buying. They had their own.

They believed Mr. Rich was the latest victim of the Clinton family, who had killed anyone they felt was in their way. This was backed up by some circumstantial evidence​; like despite him being robbed, nothing had been taken from him (his watch band was broken, but it wasn’t taken). And it was pretty convenient how Hillary used it as a reason to push gun control. Probably the biggest thing to give this theory some steam was when WikiLeaks kingpin Julia Assange hinted that Seth Rich may have been in contact with the whistleblowing website. The website also offered $20,000 to anyone who could provide information on the killer. Yet another layer of intrigue was added to the story.


Then the case went cold for almost a year; until May 15th, when his connection with WikiLeaks came up again. Fox News made claims that they had evidence that Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks. It soon came out that the reports were not totally correct, including misleading quotes or indirect sources. Within a couple days the media had dismissed the reports as nonsense, and no longer covered the story. But this did not stop some internet communities from delving even deeper into the conspiracy.


According to a post on Reddit, some of the fine folks of 4chan’s /pol/ group decided to try to get some more details, and see if they could figure out what the police could not. It was reported that Seth was found alive and transported to “a hospital”, where he died. But it was never mentioned what hospital, and /pol/ wanted to find out. As they believed to make some progress, 4chan suddenly started to freeze, and users couldn’t access the site. With this issue, lots of discussion on the topic began on Reddit. Amazingly, just about any post mentioning Seth Rich that got enough upvotes to get near the front page became the target of admins resetting them to 0, or the use of bots to mass downvote. The point of this would be to suppress the the conspiracy growing in size, as Reddit has become to have a huge Liberal bias. As a longtime Reddit user myself, I find it hard to believe that free speech would be censored this bad (well maybe not too hard, if it goes against the Liberal narrative). But I was there while this happened; and watched as a post I upvoted to around 1900 upvotes, minutes later was mysteriously back at 0.


I have always been a fan of a good conspiracy theory, as I do believe that sometimes the truth is being hidden from us. But that doesn’t mean that every conspiracy is true, so I try to look at each one objectively; and this one is truly fascinating. The Reddit oppression was something I wouldn’t have believed if I didn’t see it myself. While that doesn’t really have to do with the murder of Seth Rich, unless you believe Reddit is a Liberal propaganda tool that was used to cover up the conspiracy; it does prove how unreliable social media can be to hear all parts of a story.


But something I did find out, is that I don’t know how true it was that the place he was found in was a bad area. According to a site dedicated to helping people find the right home and neighbourhood, the area has a moderate crime rate at worst. But to be fair, it does seem that a lot are robberies. That can either confirm the original story, or can also be seen as a perfect place to stage the murder. Not really proof of anything, but some food for thought.

So what do I think actually happened? Well I don’t know, I’m some idiot that lives in Canada! The official story is completely plausible, as a Canadian it basically fits what I think life in the US is, a constant risk of being shot. I know that’s not true, but it is true that there’s a lot more gun crime there than here; but that’s a discussion for a different time. Regardless of your stance on gun control, everyone knows things like this do happen on occasion. So it’s not hard to believe that this time the random act of violence happened to involve someone working for the DNC by chance.

But I have to admit, I want to believe the conspiracy. I want to believe that Hillary was rigging the primaries, Seth Rich gave emails to WikiLeaks, and was murdered on Hillary’s order to cover up further exposure. Not because that’s the fate I want for Seth, but because I’ve watched too much TV to not be fascinated by that, and I’ve read about too many conspiracies to not want one this big to be true. But the bigger the conspiracy, the harder it is to believe until the person/people who were accused actually confess. And this is a conspiracy of bigly proportions. Especially once you factor in the 4chan/Reddit “cover ups”. Was it the Democrats hacking 4chan, or has Shia LaBeouf gotten really good at hacking? Were the Reddit admins really resetting upvotes to suppress the spread of the conspiracy, or does the rest of Reddit just hate r/The_Donald that much?


All I know is I’ll be keeping an eye on /pol/, those crafty fuckers will definitely have a response, and it’ll be interesting to see. And that it’s very suspicious that the number of illegal immigrants arrested by ICE in Trump’s first 100 days in office is almost the same as the number of DNC emails leaked to WikiLeaks. I’m onto you….